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Camille Kennedy Consulting - Testimonials


Our success is your success. We pride ourselves on over-delivering for our clients and providing thoughtful and valuable partnerships. Don't take it from us, take it from our clients. We love what we do and who we do it for. Here is what they have to say. 

Caddle Logo

"Camille is a revenue-driven marketer who is relentless in the pursuit of success. Success means sales, and if you are looking to give your business a shot in the arm, reach out to Camille and ask to talk. Camille's understanding of B2B marketing, and how to track and measure your lead life cycle performance will help you become data-driven in your sales approach."


– Mick Higgins, CCO, Caddle 

Zaelab Logo

"We worked with Camille to define new service offerings in the B2B marketing space. We found her very knowledgeable and strategic in her recommendations for our business. She also assisted us in selling to new business prospects. I would recommend hiring Camille to support your marketing needs."


- Lee Reisterer, CCO, Zaelab  

Optiv8 Consulting Logo

"Camille takes on challenges with enthusiasm and gets results. She thinks strategically without getting lost in the clouds, complemented by an understanding of how things will play out on the ground, knowing how to execute and navigate the details without getting stuck in the weeds. Camille is also well connected, with strong relationships through a range of levels and sectors within the industry."


- Rick Shea – Owner, Optiv8 Consulting

Muuver Logo

"Working with Camille was a spectacular success. She is a seasoned pro at leading audience and panel discussions, artfully raising questions to address issues necessary for our business and platform. I listened back to her work with a senior advisor in the Data Privacy space and he was truly impressed with her skills and ability to guide the conversation."


- Paul Marek – Founder,  

Klear Logo

"Camille has been both a client and a strategic partner for Klear, the leading Influencer Marketing platform. She is extremely well-versed in the practice of Influencer Marketing, including all aspects that go along with it. From strategy, influencer identification, to execution and measurement, Camille is a very strong lead for any global brand looking to explore the practice of Influencer Marketing."


– Guy Avigdor, Founder, Klear 

VetSuccess Logo

"Having known Camille for many years, I've seen firsthand the work she is capable of and the contribution she makes in helping companies transform their approach to marketing. I recently enlisted Camille's to help shape how we are leveraging data to make smarter marketing decisions at the Vet Source Family of Companies. She is strategic, works independently, and provides thoughtful and revenue driven recommendations."


- Martin Traub-Werner - CEO/Founder, Vet Success

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