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Camille Kennedy Consulting - Services


Working with our agency looks a little bit different for every client. We customize our approach to help you reach your business goals and we are able to support you across a number of sales and marketing functions through our robust service offering.  

Marketing Strategy

Fractional CMO & Business Coaching

Get senior marketing advice and talent at an affordable price with our fractional CMO.  When you work with a FCMO, they not only act as a business coach and help you position your company and go to market strategy, but help you right size your marketing plan and support in the hiring process. 

Marketing Execution

Marketing Strategy & Execution

​Whether you are just launching or you've been at it for some time, not seeing results is frustrating. We help you craft a marketing strategy that is sustainable and growth driven. It doesn't matter if you're in B2B, B2C, or B2b2C, we love marketing for all acronyms and can help you succeed. When it comes to execution, many clients engage us to help them execute against a current plan or a new strategy we've developed. Our goal is to show you how we get results, and then help you build the in-house capability to deliver on growing your business long term. 

Social Media Strategy

Social Media

Social media is a great way to nurture audiences, engage consumers, and drive sales for your business. But what channels should you be on? How often should post? How do you organically grow your pages? How to you track and measure success? We get these questions a lot. We know what to do and can help you. 

Public Relations and Media Relations

Public Relations 

Positive word of mouth is a competitive game changer. But how do you get your foot in the door with journalists? What makes a great pitch or story? How do you leverage these stories to drive sales? We've run PR for the worlds largest brands and can help you answer these questions and more. 

Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Strategy

Influencer Marketing 

A buzz word that is worth the hype.  Word of mouth sells products faster than any paid ad you'll run. We have advised and run influencer marketing for the worlds largest global brands. And we partner with leading technology companies in the space to stay current on best practices like measurement and attribution.

Content Writing

Content/Copy Writing 

Whitepapers, webinars, conference speaking events, investor decks - we do it all. We've created content for the largest conferences in North America and for the largest brands in the world. We are pros at this stuff and make your job easy when it comes time to hit the stage. 

Demand Generation and Email Marketing
Growth Marketing and Marketing Technology

Demand Generation 

Marketing & Sales Technology

We get people interested in what you have to sell, and turn that interest into leads we can qualify for your sales team. We leverage a combination of activities to drive the business results you need. 

Technology is the backbone of any great marketing and sales strategy. Leaning on technology to streamline your activities and measure success is just the smart way to do it. We've worked with all of the top CRM, Sales, Marketing Automation, and Content Management Platforms. 

Sales Enablement and Inside Sales Strategy

Sales Enablement 

Arming the sales team with assets and information they can use to sell more is the name of the game. From re-imaging your sales deck and strategy, to helping you create harder hitting one pagers and content, we bridge the gap between marketing and sales in the name of profit.  We also offer advice and services in the area of sales growth like fractional BDR services and commission based sales solutions.

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